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Price in INR
Price in Dollar
Undiscovered Artist
  • 80% Royalties
  • 1 Release / Month
  • Global Music Distribution
  • Social Media Monetization
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Spotify Verified Checkmark
  • Release Time ~ 2 Weeks
  • On Demand Royalty Payouts
  • Customer Support ~ 72 Hours
  • Community Support ~ 24x7
₹ 0/year
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Developing Artist
  • 90% Royalties
  • Unlimited Releases
  • Global Music Distribuition to more than 150+ Global Streaming Platforms
  • Music Video Distribution to Vevo, Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal, Facebook & more
  • Custom Label Name
  • YouTube Content ID
  • Fan Link (Pre-Save, Master Link)
  • Major DSP Verified Checkmarks
  • Sync Opportunities (OTT, Movies, Games)
  • Customer Support ~ 48 Hours
  • Community Support ~ 24x7
₹ 899/year
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Our Features

There are some thing that we are really good at, but world is a collaborative place, let’s build a musicverse together.
FeaturesUndiscovered ArtistDeveloping Artist
Royalty Share80% Royalties90% Royalties
No. of Releases1 Release / MonthUnlimited Releases
Global Music Distribution to Major DSPs
Social Media Monetization
Advanced Analytics Dashboard
Custom Release DateRelease Time ~ 2 WeeksRelease Time ~ 2 Weeks
On Demand Royalty Pay Outs
Royalty Splits at Source
Artist Help Centre
Access to Music Video Distribution
Custom Label Name
Fan Links (Pre Save, Master Links)
Major DSP Verified Check Marks
Sync Opportunities
YouTube Content ID
Support Response TimeCustomer Support ~ 72 HoursCustomer Support ~ 48 Hours
Community Support24x724x7

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Distribute your music to over 150 digital stores across 200 countries and territories worldwide. Get daily sales trends for JioSaavn, Amazon, iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify, and keep every cent of what you’re owed from sales and stream

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Undiscovered Artist


  • 5 Song Releases
  • 30+ Global Distribution Platforms
  • Analytics
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Developing Artist

$ 24.99 / yr

  • Global music distribution to more than 150 DSPs, Radio and Publishers
  • Monetization on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Royalty & Catalog Management
  • Marketing & Play-listing Tools
  • Unlimited Song Releases
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