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Abhiraj Singh
September 14, 2023
5 min read
"I started my journey 18 years ago as an artist, used to play guitar, formed a band, and performed at several gigs for 3 years. Later since my vocalist had to leave for Australia, we got disbanded so my drummer and I started a music studio and jam pad that thrived for another 3 years. Then, In college, I started an event management company called - FFE Events, where we organized a multitude of event from, big celebrity parties to music festivals, concerts, weddings, corporate gigs, etc.

During this incredible journey, I met so many great talented folks, but they remain undiscovered.

So, I started Grootin® back in 2017 as a live entertainment company with a passion to support and promote local talent and fresh music on a global scale. From 2017 to 2020, we organized tons of gigs, music festivals, and concerts, helping over 200 artists monetize over 100K USD in revenue.

But then, COVID-19 pandemic hit, and everything was shut. We were forced to think about how to build more sustainable and scalable solutions that can penetrate across the world. We wanted to create an impact by enabling and supporting these local and fresh talents on a scale. Just like every other industry, we had to adapt. We interviewed several artists, listened to their challenges, and gained insights. We discovered that they needed technologically advanced tools for creating music, optimal distribution channels, and effective marketing strategies to get their music more eardrums! 😁😉

That's when Grootin® was reborn. It's not just a business; it's my passion. It's my personal journey mixed with the struggles of countless fellow artists.

Now, we're here to empower artists on their journey to success in the music industry. Welcome to Grootin®, where your music finds its home, and your dreams become reality - Studio to Stage, Simplified. 🎵💪✨"
- Abhiraj Singh, Founder & CEO - Grootin®

Isn’t that a story you resonate with? As an artist, I’m sure you’re looking for a way to take control of your music career. You know you have the fire inside and the passion to fulfill those dreams, but without access to cutting-edge tools and technology to streamline the process from studio to stage, you feel stuck! Well, look no further because Grootin® is like no other (I know, my rhyming skills are to die for 😜).
State-of-the-art and cutting edge technology (Image Courtesy: Unsplash)

At Grootin®, we recognize how difficult it can be to navigate the complexity of contemporary music management - the jungle that it is! As a result, our purpose is to empower artists like you in your journey to go from studio to stage by providing you with user-friendly tools and technologies so that you have everything you need at your disposal while creating and disseminating your work - smooth as butter my friend!

About Grootin® - Unlocking your musical potential for the digital frontier

Grootin® is a ground-breaking force committed to revolutionizing the way musicians create, distribute, and promote their music. We are not just another music technology firm. Our work is guided by our mission, vision, purpose, and values in every way and we never lose sight of them (we have to ensure that the artists are well taken care of you see).

Riding on the wave of the digital revolution and leading the era of this digital revolution in music, Grootin® supports artists in the era of AI. In addition to AI-powered composition recommendations, improved production quality, and quicker distribution procedures, we specialize in offering entire solutions tailored exclusively for musicians - laser-focused personalization, tailoring, and specialization actually! Our state-of-the-art and cutting-edge platform provides everything required for success as a self-employed musician or label head: powerful marketing tools, automated playlist pitching, simple monetization options, and so much more!

With our suite of features and services, we strive not only to equip our home-grown artists with industry expertise, business acumen, and technological savviness, but also give them peace of mind knowing that they are working with experts who truly care about their success - I’m already having visions of crowds cheering for me and going completely nuts over my music! Aren’t you? 😃🎤✨🎶

Arma performing live in Delhi at Raasta

Our north star, our guiding light, our source of inspiration…


Our mission is simple yet powerful: to enable 1 million artists across the world. We believe that every artist deserves the opportunity to share their music with a global audience, and we’re here to make that a reality.


We aspire to become a global music tech company that empowers the best talents in the industry. Our vision is to provide artists with the tools and support they need to shine on a global stage.


At Grootin®, our purpose is clear: we will never stop until under-represented talents exist in the world. We are committed to promoting local talents and fresh music across the globe, ensuring that every artist’s voice is heard.


Our values are the foundation of everything we do. People, Passion, and Perseverance are at the core of Grootin®’s identity. We are dedicated to supporting artists, fostering their passion for music, and persevering through challenges to help them succeed.

Grootin® specializes in three key areas:

  • Music Creation: Grootin® empowers artists in their musical journey by offering a dynamic AI-powered toolkit. This toolkit provides intuitive composition suggestions and enhances production quality, from melody inspiration to intricate harmonies - don’t worry, AI will not replace you (embrace it my talented, passionate, and fiery amigos! It’s only there to make the process of creation much less daunting). With Grootin® and its AI-powered toolkit, you can realize your musical vision with unprecedented and unparalleled creativity and precision.
  • Music Distribution: Our seamless distribution management and methods to 150+ platforms guarantees artists access to a global stage. Grootin® enhances your visibility and makes your music available to fans across the world. With Grootin®, you can concentrate on your craft while we increase your visibility. So, all you have to do is unleash that magic inside!
Grootin®: Streaming across 150+ Digital Platforms (Image Courtesy: Unsplash)
  • Music Marketing: Grootin® skillfully markets music on a global scale, boosting musicians' careers. We carefully position songs in renowned brand showrooms, top playlists, sync publishing possibilities, and popular music festivals. Artists that work with Grootin® manage the cutthroat business environment with skill, maximizing their exposure and securing priceless possibilities for their musical careers (it’s definitely competitive and we’re here to give you that coveted head start). By strategically placing your tracks in top playlists, famous brand showrooms, and sought-after music festivals, Grootin®'s experienced marketing services may help you advance your career. So take the plunge buddy!


Grootin® is more than just a music technology company. We're a passionate community dedicated to unleashing the potential of artists worldwide. With AI-driven innovation, seamless global distribution, and powerful marketing support along with sharing contemporary industry insights, we're here to propel your music career to new heights.

Join us on this incredible journey, and together, let's make your dreams of being a musical maestro a reality. We're committed to empowering artists worldwide, ensuring that every voice is heard and every talent finds a spotlight on the global stage.

"Welcome to Grootin®, where your music finds its home, and your dreams become reality - Studio to Stage, Simplified. 🎵💪✨"

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Abhiraj Singh
September 14, 2023
5 min read