Let Your Music Shine: Lighting Up the World on Spotify✨

Tanmay Bohra
September 26, 2023
5 min read

Using Spotify for Artists efficiently to market music and increasing thereby streams.

You’ve just dropped your latest track, and it’s so hot that it could melt the polar ice caps. You’ve got the talent, the charisma, and the passion to set the music world ablaze. But there’s one tiny hitch — the world doesn’t know you exist yet!😨😨

Fret not, my friends, because Spotify for Artists is your ticket to the big league. We’ll guide you through this digital wonderland with a sprinkle of humor and a dash of insider knowledge.

In a cozy Mumbai studio, not too distant from the bustling heart of the city, lived a young musician named Yashraj. For years, he had poured his heart and soul into his music, playing the guitar, pounding the drums, and singing his emotions into every note and lyric. His music was a concealed trove of feelings, patiently awaiting discovery.

But there was a problem :( his music was like a lone castaway on a barren island. It wished for ears to hear its song, hearts to beat to its rhythm, and souls to empathize with its lyrics. He needed a method to share his music with the rest of the world, and he was about to start on a trip that would change his life forever.

Yashraj stumbled discovered the enchanting region of Spotify for Artists one day while sipping on a cup of chai that was more like a miniature ocean in a teacup. It was a location where musicians like he could harness the power of their music and reach a global audience. (how cool is that?!)
Yashraj uncovered the secrets of Spotify for Artists as he dug deeper into this digital labyrinth. His excitement rose with each click and scroll. It was like breaking into a treasure trove full of brilliant prospects. And, like our friend, you, my fellow readers, can join him on this musical trip to increase your streams and advertise your songs on Spotify.

Now, let’s follow in the footsteps of Yashraj and learn how to use Spotify for Artists to make your musical aspirations a reality, one stream at a time.

Chart Showing Music Subscriber Share (2021)

Promoting your digital music is critical in an ever-changing industry since the way people play and listen to music has changed. The trusty radio station has been replaced with online music / streaming music. Free streaming has emerged as a new foundation of the recorded music industry, accounting for more than 59% of the French market. With Spotify at the top of the list (far ahead of Apple Music and Amazon Music), every musician must now expand their business on the platform and increase their streams. Spotify revealed at the end of 2021 that it had achieved over 400 million users globally. This is game-changing for both the music industry and music consumption.

Step 1: Claim Your Throne

Before you start slaying playlists, you need to claim your artist profile on Spotify. It’s like establishing your kingdom before conquering other realms (minus the dragons and swords). Visit the Spotify for Artists website, and click on the ‘Claim Your Profile’ button.

Spotify is the stronger competitor within the recording industry when talking about any streaming platform. As an independent artist, all you want is to distribute your music and get your music heard. Spotify For Artists is the perfect tool for this. Songwriters can understand how their fan-base listen to any music and change their promotional strategy accordingly. Want to learn how to promote your music and increase the number of music streams? Grootin is here to help you out!

Remember, in this digital kingdom, you’re the king or queen! Fill out your bio, upload that Insta-worthy profile pic, and write a bio that’ll make Shakespeare himself weep with envy. Make it quirky, make it real, and make it YOU.

Step 2: Tune Your Profile

Now that you’ve created your artist profile, it’s time to put it to use. Spotify for Artists allows you to personalize your page, similar to how you would decorate your bedroom, but for your music. You can include a header image, a link to your social network, and even a list of forthcoming performances (once you’ve sold out stadiums, of course).

Step 3: Dive into the Data Ocean

Prepare to be Sherlock Holmes for your music. Spotify for Artists gives you access to a wealth of information. It is possible to see who is listening, where they are listening, and when they are listening. It’s similar to knowing where your admirers are hidden in the crowd during a concert, but without the binoculars.
Use this information to better understand your target audience. Are you well-known in Brazil? Perhaps you have a fan club in Finland? Target these places and demographics with your marketing efforts.

Violin Notes and Violin

Step 4: The Ultimate DJ Move — Adding Songs to Playlists

Let’s get to the secret sauce: playlists. They are today’s digital jukeboxes. Getting your music on playlists is the equivalent of slipping your mixtape into the pockets of every cool kid in town.

1. Your Personal Playlist: Make a playlist that includes your music at the top. You could call it “Tunes to Tame Tigers” or “Groovy Galactic Vibes.” Share it with your friends and followers on social media. It’s like throwing a party and ensuring you’re the DJ.

2. Pitch to Spotify Playlists: Now comes the fun part. Spotify has its own playlist curators who act as gatekeepers to the world of music celebrity. You can pitch them your music using Spotify for Artists. Make a catchy pitch that explains why your song is worth including. Remember, they get a lot of pitches, so make yours stand out!

3. Work Together with Others: Contact other musicians and cooperate on playlists. If you feature their tunes, they will most likely reciprocate. It’s almost like a musical trade.

4.Local and Niche Playlists: Don’t overlook smaller, more local, or niche playlists. They may not have millions of followers, but they have a loyal following. Furthermore, they are frequently more willing to feature emerging performers.

Step 5: Keep the Momentum Rolling

Creating your own Spotify playlists allows you to collect all of your favourite music in one place. It may also be pinned to your home page. It’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase your repertoire, bring your community together, and inspire people to listen to music both online and offline. Display your music library in a variety of genres.

The party doesn’t begin until your songs are put to playlists. Respond to comments and share the love to engage your audience. Encourage your fans to follow your artist profile so they may be alerted when you release new songs.

Spotify for Artists is more than a tool; it’s your ally on this epic musical journey. So, take your seat, plunge into the data sea, and rock those playlists like the digital DJ you were born to be!

The Winner's Rhapsody Awaits

Remember that every stream counts, and every listener has the potential to become a lifetime fan as you navigate the Spotify for Artists environment. Maintain your artistry, keep producing, and have fun along the way. You may be the next phenomenon to appear on Spotify's playlists.

So, take your place in the digital DJ booth, dive into the data sea, and confidently rock those playlists. Spotify for Artists is your conductor's baton as you embark on your musical adventure. Now go forth and make musical history!

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Tanmay Bohra
September 26, 2023
5 min read